Private Nutrition Services

No stress, no guilt. Healing Thru Food is a safe space that encourages healthy, lasting change.

Healing Thru Food doesn't use the term diet. Instead, we prefereating lifestyleto describe how we view the way we eat. Dori is committed to helping you create the eating lifestyle that works for you and your personal needs. 

Working to achieve your goals around food choices is a process that takes time, self-love, and support. The results will not come overnight. And as you progress, it is critical to address each issue and remain accountable to promote positive changes.

Dori is committed to keeping you encouraged to reach your goals by offering you the support you need to stay focused and motivated to create a lasting new eating lifestyle. As you likely know, fad diets only disappointment and discourage. With Dori’s guidance, you'll soon have a more conscious, energetic, and vibrant YOU! Most importantly, she will give you the tools to produce lasting and sustainable results for years to enjoy! 


Personal Nutrition Plans

  • Receive personalized Nutrition Plans

  • Have access to expert advice and goal-oriented check-ins

  • Learn to prepare clean food that tastes great

  • Become more organized in the kitchen

  • Learn how to shop smarter for health

  • Make eating out more enjoyable and accessible

  • Live comfortably with disease

  • Achieve body goals and BE HAPPIER

Weight Loss & Detox

  • Increase energy

  • Address anxiety & depression

  • Understand the power and process behind emotional eating

  • Unlock tools for eating on the go and while traveling 

  • Optimize athletic nutrition for training, recovery from marathons, triathlons, weight lifting, etc.

  • Manage positive health outcomes for issues related to cancer, thyroid issues/Hashimoto’s, IBS, colitis, Crohn’s, diverticulitis & other digestion Issues

  • Support a healthy pregnancy