2010 Reflections

Dear friends,

As 2010 comes to a close, I just want to reflect on some of the highlights in my life and encourage you to do the same. It’s always nice to give thanks and appreciation to ALL things experienced-good or bad, because there truly is no good or bad…We should be grateful for everything big and small that has brought us to where we are at this very moment. To me, it seems like it was a bit of a challenging year for us all in some way, shape or form. These challenges though, truly show us what we are made of and build our character. As they say, the universe never gives us anything we truly cannot handle.

I have had a very interesting year…after traveling last year, I had no choice but to come back home to Los Angeles after not living here for nearly 7 years. It’s been challenging living in the house I grew up in, but wow, am I grateful I have it as a landing pad. In these times, I have no shame and I am so blessed to have the family I have that would receive me anytime I should need a place to lay my head. So, many thanks to my parents, and my brother for keeping me safe and warm during one of the coldest winters Los Angeles has ever experienced. Ha. We all know that’s not that cold, but still. California people are sun babies and if it drops below 60, we freak out. 🙂

In January, I will be moving to S. Beach Miami-about as far away from home in Los Angeles as I can go, lol. Kidding. I have enjoyed the time with family and friends here in LA, but I feel a pull towards FLA and crave to be near the beach. I plan to do great things there and am so looking forward to being in tropical weather again! I will be sharing space with the owner of La Vie en Raw, which is a raw food restaurant in Coral Gables and she and I will collaborate on many projects, including workshops, lectures and even (un)cooking. If you live in Miami, or close to it, please contact me for massage if you’re interested, as I will now be Florida’s rockin’ massage therapist!

I started my book on green skin care and nutrition with the lovely and talented Lisa Liguori and we plan to hit that project hard and get you something juicy and fun by mid 2011…def stay tuned!

I have seen a dear friend battle with stage 4 breast cancer AND raise enough money to get herself to the Gerson Institute for natural treatment. Her ability to rally and gain support for something so imperative truly showed the power of community and selflessness, as I saw her receive support from complete strangers all over the globe. This touched my heart and still does. When ever you think you are defeated, just TRY reaching out. The magic that happens may truly surprise you.

This year, I was so happy to finally acquire my dehydrator and my VitaMix-2 very important pieces of equipment in the “healthy foodie” bag of tricks. I have been able to make and share delicious things like kale chips, raw pies, soups and other treats with the help of these amazing gadgets. I highly recommend one invests in these things. They make life fun and TASTY! 🙂

I have been pleasantly surprised by the interaction of new friends and fans on my Facebook page as it really is just for fun, but seems like we have built a strong community there and it’s wonderful. I’m touched! I enjoy posting for your pleasure and creating some “food for thought”. I know it’s a confusing world out there when it comes to nutrition, but my job is to make it NOT be so foreign to you. It really is basic, but no one wants to hear you tell them to just eat their fruits and vegetables. 🙂 I appreciate all of you who have subscribed to the blog AND follow my posts on FB…I will continue to try to make my posts fun, informative and interactive in 2011. Keep reading and please tell your friends about it, as referrals are the best form of compliments.

I mostly wanted to thank you all for all the support and love this year and congratulate you for all the hard work YOU are doing. The reality is, if you are tuned in and you are reading these words, then you have the desire to make healthy changes in your life. Believe me, it’s a process, but you have made the first step by opening yourselves up to education. Pat yourself on the back!

I wish you all an amazing New Year filled with all the love and joy you can handle. May this upcoming year bring you much health, happiness and success!

Yours in health always,


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