A “cheat” day for HTF-created awareness and change

So, yesterday I strolled around the Lincoln Rd. farmer’s market here in S. Beach and took in all the sites (and food!) they had to offer; not to mention amazing body products (we tried this lovely shea butter from Africa that was divine!) and the antique show that was going on it’s last day yesterday. Fun stuff!

We indulged in plenty of foods I don’t regularly eat (mostly bread based foods) and today I am certainly experiencing a “food hangover”. I have decided that for now, it’s best (and I am making this vow on my site so I have all of YOU as my witnesses) to weed out the wheat/gluten (which I have done so in the past but have slipped up lately) and to seriously start weeding out sugar, as painful as this will be. 

I know you all thought I was a perfect angel when it comes to healthy foods, but alas, I must confess, I’m not. We all have our vices and even though I stick to vegan (and try to do as much raw as possible), I am human too and I love sweet things. C’mon, they’re TASTY! Plus, I must stress that vegan does NOT always equal HEALTHY. I intend to raise the bar for myself and for other vegans who need to be educated on what being a healthy vegan means and I know better, but sometimes we get lazy!

Also, I am only doing what feels right for ME. Some people are not as sensitive to certain things like dairy, wheat, sugar, etc, but for me and MY eating lifestyle, they all need to go. Dairy I had given up long ago, but I mention it because I realize it’s an addiction a lot of us deal with. It can be quite tempting and it can also be hidden in a lot of foods such as baked goods. Although the treats we ate were ALL vegan, that in no way deems them particularly HEALTHY, and I attempt to HEAL THRU FOOD, so I must live it, love it and BE it for y’all, but mostly for ME.

I suppose the point of this article is 1. to confess my sins, 2. to make a virtual promise to myself (witnessed by all YOU) and 3. to create accountability with this new agreement with myself. When the world is watching (ha, how narcissistic am I, lol?) it makes it a bit easier to be on your best behavior and as the Four Agreements state: Always do your best. I plan to and that is all anyone CAN do.

I have posted a picture of the last tasty, sweet vegan treat I will have for a while (a cupcake I ate yesterday at the market). So long sugar! You’re making me feel really, really bad and if anyone can get “healed”, it’s Ms. Healing Thru Food! My plan is to take it back to more simple, fresh and raw(er) foods; plenty of green leafys, home made soups, juices, ditching the breads, sweets and sugars.

If anyone is struggling with sugar cravings/addictions, wants to go gluten free or cut out other unhealthful foods such as dairy, soy, etc, I am here to help! As you can see, I live it all! My eating lifestyle has been a process and continues to be one, so I can certainly relate and level with you. Please contact me for a free phone consult and we can work on getting you the results you want as a TEAM!

Thanks for reading and for the virtual support!

“In essence, if we want to direct our lives, we must take control of our consistent actions. It’s not what we do once in a while that shapes our lives, but what we do consistently”.  ~Tony Robbins

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