A Tasty Use for Cinnamon Sticks

I just recently learned of a little trick that has become one of the most delicious ways to enjoy water; add cinnamon sticks! Putting them in your water will add a nice spicy kick and may encourage you to drink more! Who couldn’t use more water?  Cinnamon offers some amazing health benefits which include:

  1. Boosting metabolism

  2. Lowering blood sugar

  3. Anti-cancer

  4. Relief from arthritis

  5. Antioxidant

  6. Lowers cholesterol

  7. Antimicrobial

  8. Beneficial for people suffering from Type II Diabetes

  9. The aroma boosts cognitive and memory function

  10. Provides manganese, fiber, iron and calcium

Cinnamon is such a wonderful aromatic spice and most people find it to be very pleasant. Why not combine two things that will bring you a world of benefit? I urge you to try this right now! You will be pleasantly surprised and delighted by your water makeover.

Cinnamon is just one of the many foods that can help us heal naturally. Nature has provided us with countless amounts of tools we can use to build a healthy Eating Lifestyle. Need more help? Contact me today so we can build your personal Eating Lifestyle and get you on your path to wellness via the power of food!

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