After Thanksgiving Insight-From a Healthy Eater

Hello friends,

I hope you all enjoyed your Thanksgiving! I made my healthy things, and enjoyed them, but I must confess, I pretty much enjoyed them solo. My mom is always so sweet and tries anything I make-constantly disproving her ‘beliefs’ that she doesn’t like this or that. For her, it’s more of a mental thing. Anyway, so yes, a few people tried my quinoa and my soup (basically my brother and my mother-gotta love them). But that is 2 people out of the 20 at the gathering. I tried my best to not take anything personal, because it’s not really about people NOT liking my food, it’s about them not knowing much about it. They may care about me and love me, but that does not mean they are ready to give up their mashed potatoes and gravy! So, I ate quietly enjoying my conscious food, trying to keep the vibe I had gotten from my morning Thanksgiving yoga class, which focused on love, intention, gratitude and thanks. We even wrote down what we were thankful for in class in order to remember to be aware of those things later that day. My teacher said that writing them tattooed them in our hearts and that when it came to go ’round the table, people would just be able to see and feel our intentions and what we were grateful for. Fast forward to most turkey dinners…and it never looks like that, as much as we hope we can stay up and positive, most likely, someone is able to push our buttons at a family function. I have to say though, that ours was pretty darned pleasant, except for what I stated above, but again, that is MY thing, not something done intentional.

The point of this post is not to get you down, but to tell you that although eating clean can sometimes be a lonely place, it truly pays to stick to your guns and eat the way that makes you feel the happiest. I don’t even think about straying from my eating lifestyle at this point. I have come way too far and it’s not even like I have to use willpower; I just don’t have any interest at all in unhealthful foods.

Flash forward to my after Thanksgiving party…a fire roaring, organic/vegan wine, and I brought my raw persimmon pie. Most of these friends are veggies or vegans. They appreciated the effort and love that went into my dessert. In fact, it was an all out crowd pleaser, which was so delightful. Who doesn’t like to share lovely foods and get supportive feedback? I wished though, that my family could be more open, but cest la vie. I think the holiday ended on a beautiful note and it balanced out nicely.

Eating clean around the holidays can often be challenging, frustrating and even annoying, if you are not used to it yet, but every time you try and every holiday experience you go through making small changes, the stronger you will become until it just won’t phase you anymore. I don’t even think twice about bringing my own foods to gatherings anymore; it’s just part of the deal. You simply cannot rely on others to provide healthy foods for you. It truly boils down to planning and mindset. Sure, you could not plan ahead and “have to eat” what’s there, or you could take that extra step to self care and self preservation and consider yourself and what you need to do to stick to your chosen eating lifestyle. Excuses will always exist, so if you are making them now, you probably are not truly ready to go full force into eating for health. I believe that the holidays put us face to face with these eating challenges and make us think about us how far down the rabbit hole we actually want to go. I believe I have reached my own personal Wonderland, and it feels divine.

I’m not saying the holidays cannot be a time to indulge and have a little fun, and these are the times where it should be acceptable to veer off track for a moment, but let’s face it…how many people do YOU know that eat impeccably all year just to ‘save up’ for the holidays? Not many.

Eating for health takes work, discipline and support. This is where nutrition therapy and coaching can help! Let me be that support! There has never been a better time than NOW to start eating in ways that will serve you. The holidays typically serve up some pretty awful foods that we are conditioned to think are ‘traditional’ but you know what? You can break tradition, if it’s centered around unhealthful food choices! The holidays should be about togetherness, love, family and HEALTH, and should not rob us of those things. BREAK TRADITION NOW! Get on the right and healthful track with nutrition coaching! Start loving yourself fully BEFORE the New Year! Call TODAY for a free consult and I promise to meet you in whatever space YOU are in and where ever is comfortable for you in your mind. No pressure. No guilt. Just 100% love and support. I’m waiting to help and ready when you are.

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