Avocado Love

Good day everyone! So, I encourage you to keep your questions coming because once in a while, I can feature them on my blog and answer it directly and I bet your bottom dollar that someone, somewhere out there has the same question, or something similar, so ASK AWAY! Today’s question comes from Lisa in San Marcos, CA and reads:

Dori, I love your blog so much and all the information is so helpful. So, what it the 411 on avocados? Why does my body crave them?

First off, who doesn’t love avocados? I believe they were sent to us from heaven above! And now is the season for them. Your body is extremely in tune with the seasons (whether YOU are or not) and avocados are definitely making their way back into the stores and Farmer’s Markets this time of year (thank goodness!). They have so many beneficial properties I will clue you in on.

Avocados supply us with an excellent source of omega-9, monounsaturated fatty acids. GOOD FAT. One avocado contains roughly 20% fat, making that 20 times more than any other fruit! They are naturally high in calories containing about 300 calories in one fruit (yes, avocados are fruits, not vegetables…they have a seed!). The benefits certainly outweigh the negatives with avocados (is there truly anything negative about avocados? I mean, really!)

Avocados also provide us with rich sources of vitamin E, B-vitamins and fiber (we LOVE fiber!). And the potassium content is worth mentioning as well. One avocado contains the potassium content of 2-3 bananas.

Avocados can help to lower of LDL (bad) cholesterol and can also increase our HDL (good) cholesterol. Great news! Our bodies NEED healthy fat (mono, poly and even some saturated) for proper brain function, temperature regulation as well as hormone regulation, so BOO on no fat/low fat diets. EAT FAT!! GOOD FAT!! Monounsaturated fat is a good thing…in small amounts. I am not suggesting one eats 5 avocados per day (although, doesn’t that sound heavenly?), but you should, however, include healthy fats, such as avocado in your eating lifestyle. Adding avocados to salads, making home made guacamole or using avocado in desserts (I posted a to-die-for recipe for a raw, vegan chocolate mousse, which features this amazing fruit…it’s under the Raw Foods section on the blog page) can add flavor and nutritional benefit to your food.

Avocado oil is another way to benefit from this fruit. You can use it in place of practically any oil you would use for low temp, such as olive oil. Drizzle it over steamed veggies or top salads with it. You can even use avocado oil on your skin. In fact, it is recommended for those with sensitive skin or skin conditions such as eczema or psoriasis, and many skin care lines use avocado oil in their products to offer this benefit.

I cannot say enough good about avocados and I’m sure you can agree that they are pretty darn tasty. Enjoy them when in season. Buy organic and know that your body loves them too!

Thanks, Lisa for your question and people, keep ’em coming! I’m happy to respond and I’m glad you are liking all the info. It’s all for you and it’s my pleasure to educate!

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