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This blog page specifically targets amazing YOU! I know it’s been a bittersweet last couple of weeks with the kiddies starting or going back to school! Your kids depend on you for food that will fuel them and help them perform better! The easiest way to start a healthy trend is with BREAKFAST!

Sadly, the majority of the children I am working with are not eating breakfast at home and/or are getting something highly processed at school! Did you know that kids who eat a nutritious breakfast do better on tests, stay more alert and are better at sports? This is because they have a good start to their day! So, what are some healthy breakfast choices for kids?

  1. Steel Cut Oatmeal–This whole grain hot cereal consists of slow-burning carbs that will provide long lasting and sustainable energy until they have time to have a healthy snack!

  2. Veggie Egg Scramble–This will provide protein and vitamins that kids so badly need; especially early in the morning! The protein helps them to build strong muscles and the vitamins and minerals from the veggies helps keep them healthy and full of energy. Pair this with a piece of whole grain toast with nut butter for some whole grains and healthy fat! 🙂

  3. Green Smoothies–Making a smoothie is probably one of the easiest things you can do for your kids, plus they can take them on the go! You can get so creative with what you put in them, too! I highly recommend Amazing Grass Kidz SuperFood Powder as one serving is equivalent to 3 servings of fruits and veggies and it also contains super greens such as wheatgrass, spirulina, barley grass, and alfalfa. This provides a whole food and vegetarian source of protein, vitamins and antioxidants and it taste GREAT! Try blending 1 scoop with 4 oz almond milk, a bit of honey and 1/2 frozen banana, YUM!

  4. Nut Butter and Banana Sandwiches–Nut butters such as all natural peanut butter, sunflower seed, almond or cashew butter provide good sources of healthy unsaturated fats that kids need for brain fuel! Bananas are a popular kid fave! So, why not combine them both and give ’em a healthy breakfast sammy?

  5. Gluten-free Vegan Waffles–Waffles always feel like a treat and kids usually won’t be able to tell the difference between a healthy version and an Eggo. These will provide “good” carbs and will give your kiddies energy. Make sure to only serve with 100% pure maple syrup. Pure maple syrup contains two very cool things: zinc and manganese. Zinc is great for maintaining healthy immunity (especially in children!) and manganese is an essential co-factor in many enzymes, which means it helps assist in many chemical reactions happening inside the body.

  6. Dates ‘n’ Nut Butter (or, “Date Me for Breakfast”)–Dates are like nature’s candy. They are dense, sweet and provide natural sugar. Couple them with almond or cashew butter and you have yourself an amazing energy powerhouse of a breakfast! Top the date and nut butter with a walnut or pecan for added crunch, protein and healthy fat.

  7. Nature’s Path Cereals–typically, you want to look for cereals that contain 10 grams of sugar or less and Nature’s Path has tons of tasty choices that fit this description! Serve up a bowl with almond milk for a comforting, familiar and healthy option!

Now that we have breakfast under control, what about SNACKS? We all know that kids need to snack more often because they are typically using more energy than adults, but it’s imperative that they snack on the right types of foods. Need snack ideas? Here are a few:

  1. Fresh cut up veggies (carrot sticks, jicama, cucumber, celery, peppers, etc.)

  2. Apples or bananas and almond butter

  3. Home made trail mix

  4. Fresh fruit such as oranges, grapes (try to stick to organic, local and in season)

  5. Rice crackers and hummus

  6. Corn chips and vegetarian bean dip

  7. 1/2 pre-cooked sweet potato

  8. Dehydrated fruit

  9. So Delicious Coconut Yogurt

  10. Lara Bars or Amazing Grass Energy Bars

These are just a few ideas to get you and your kids excited about starting off the new school year right! If you need more tips, recipes or a personalized plan for you and your family, so you can eat better as a team, contact me! I’d love to help you on your path to wellness! Remember, it’s YOUR home, so YOU make the rules, parents!

*Note: I work with food allergies such as gluten, tree nuts, dairy, soy, citrus, etc.

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