Candida Cleanse Journal Entry #15 – Colon Hydrotherapy

April 20, 2012, Day 20: Greetings friends! So, 20 days into this thing! Time certainly flies when you’re eating spirlina. Isn’t that how that saying goes? 😉

Today I went in for a colon hydrotherapy session. Colonics are used as part of the cleansing / healing process to remove debris and impacted matter (i.e. feces) from the large intestine (colon). I was probably abnormally excited about it, but people who “know” will get it and understand just how exciting the process can be. For those of you who are not familiar with what colon hydrotherapy is, I will try to explain it in the cleanest way possible. 🙂

During a colonic, the colon is basically flushed with pure, warm water via a tube that is inserted into your rectum. As you “fill up” with water you start to feel pressure on your belly and experience a very “full” feeling. The more you can take, the better and more effective the treatment is, but it is slightly uncomfortable and feels as though your belly may burst, lol! Don’t worry–it won’t! Once the flow of water stops, things should start to move out of the body.

Most of us (even the healthiest of eaters, and work out fanatics) are not truly clean on the inside. Stuff gets built up over time, just as plaque on your teeth does, and becomes hard, impacted and fermented. The colon is approximately 5 ft (yes, that’s right) in length, all bundled up inside your body, so it’s no surprise things don’t always make it out and flow peacefully.

During the process, you can see everything that is flowing out of you via a see-through window where everything goes to be disposed. If the colonic is going well and doing it’s job, the water is usually brown in color and you should see particles of feces making their way OUT of your body (yay!). There is no smell, and it is a 100% professional atmosphere. Colon hydro-therapists are licensed and the one I worked with today has been doing her job for 11 years!

So, get this: I actually SAW CANDIDA!! Yes! The therapist pointed it out to me. She said it looked like it had been sitting in my gut for a while. There wasn’t much, but then again, this was only 1 session. It’s recommended that you go once/week for 4 weeks. The sessions are typically between $75-90/session, but they usually have some sort of package for a series of colonics. Insurance does  not usually cover colon hydrotherapy. And yes, there are at-home enema kits, but none will probably be as effective (or be able to fill up the entire colon) as effectively as an actual professional colonic session.

It is IMPERATIVE that you take a high grade probiotic after a colonic session because you run the risk of wiping out not just the bad bacteria, but the good as well. You better believe I brought my Dr. Ohhira’s with me!

After a colonic, you can expect to feel lighter and less bloated. Check and check. You have to keep your food light for the rest of the day in order to not put too much stress back on the colon.

Colonics can also help with food allergies, mood swings, constipation, IBS, food cravings, and skin problems. Remember, 2/3 of your immune system resides in your gut and if your gut is in bad shape, it can’t function as well as it should and this could leave you feeling pretty crappy (tee hee).

Some things to think about…

  1. It is estimated that 100 million people in the United States suffer from constipation and that these people spend $700 million on products to relieve constipation each year.  It seems a shame, when constipation is easily avoided through diet and cleansing.

  2. “Infirmity and sickness, at any age, is the direct result of loading up the body with food which contains no vitality, and at the same time allowing the intestines to remain loaded with waste matter.”  – Dr. Norman Walker

  3. Each year over l00,000 people undergo a colostomy due to a functional breakdown of the colon.

  4. Coronary artery blockage and strokes, cancer, neurological diseases, dementia, depression, are initially caused by the retention and accumulation of poisons and toxins in the body. Most often this retention and accumulation is caused by a sluggish colon that just doesn’t properly remove the waste from our body. – Dr Richard Schultze

  5. Jesus, according to “The Essene Gospel of Peace” emphasized internal cleansing: “Think not that it is sufficient that the angel of water embrace you outwards only. I tell you truly, the uncleanness within is greater by much than the uncleanness without. An he who cleanses himself without, but within remains unclean, is like to tombs that outwards are painted fair, but are within full of all manner of horrible uncleanness’ and abominations.”

Colon health is nothing to take lightly, especially with colon cancer being the third most common cancer in this country. Sadly, I lost my grandmother to colon cancer. This actually helped catapult me into a life of nutrition education (love you grandma). Friends,  colon cancer is fully preventable with FOOD and CLEANSING. Think about it…

If you need more information on how to keep your colon healthy, just ask!

Question of the day:

Would you ever get a colonic? 

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