Candida Cleanse Journal Entry #3

April 3, 2012, Day 3: First off, I have to share that today was a very exciting day at work because my co-worker who is a very feisty (yet extremely lovable) Colombian woman with diabetes who admits to having to lose 70lbs started a JUICE CLEANSE!!! This is not a person who you would EVER expect to be on board with solo el jugo if you know what I mean, but she is trying. Fingers crossed for her and wishing her tons of success!

So, what did I eat today, you ask? I wanted so badly to make this amazing kale/avocado smoothie I love (with bananas and apple juice) and um, let’s just say it didn’t taste quite the same missing the banana and apple juice.  I blended up avo, kale, psyllium husk, flaxmeal, spirulina, stevia…and water. Bleh. Okay, okay, it was drinkable. But barely. I’m not complaining though. 🙂 I’m trying to kill Candida here. No one said it was going to be pretty!

I grazed the rest of the day on garbanzos, cucumbers, celery and sunflower seed butter,  had 1/4 cup brown rice with broccoli and my coconut aminos for lunch and then as a snack I had these awesome seaweed snacks!

For dinner, I made a gigantic salad and had a small amount of squash. I added tons of seeds (hemp and pumpkin) to my salad in order to get some protein. I made a very simple dressing of olive oil, apple cider vinegar, liquid stevia and water. The boyfriend even liked that! Score! I cooked up some hijiki (seaweed) as well, but am going to use it for a salad tomorrow! Can’t wait!

I am anxious to thumb through this cookbook I ordered online (pictured above) called The Candida Albicans Yeast-Free Cookbook. It’s not specifically a vegan cookbook so I will have to modify and focus on mostly the veggie recipes. To be honest with you, there are not a ton of vegan friendly, yeast free, Candida cookbooks out there. Perhaps I should write one? 🙂

Thanks all for your support and for following along. The days are just flying by and I swear I don’t even miss bananas, tomatoes, sprouts, carrots, Bunnie’s cakes… Not. One. Bit. 😉 Again, not complaining. Truthfully, it’s not that bad and I like the feeling that I am doing something pro-active and good for myself. Sugar (and products that turn into sugar) can cause some serious problems. I don’t want any of them! So, I will march on, kale in one hand and cabbage in the other! Anyone want to join my army? I’m here to help if you need! Contact (323)905-4HTF for help NOW! Candida Busters are standing by to take your call. 🙂

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