Candida Cleanse Journal Entry #4

April 4, 2012, Day 4: Today I felt a little tired. I think the Candida is getting pretty pissed off at me and may be getting a little hungry. I am not giving in and am taking no mercy on their little fungus-y souls.

I keep eating variations of the same foods I am limited to. Lots of veggies, minimal complex carbs, nuts and seeds. Tonight I decided to make elbow shaped quinoa pasta with sauteed broccoli and rainbow chard (see me nibbling on it in pic) in garlic and olive oil. Being the awesome girlfriend that I am, I still made my boyfriend (vegan) mac ‘n’ cheese. Sigh. I just wanted one bite! But no. I must stay strong! You can’t even give in a little bit when it comes to Candida. Anything sugar related or that turns into sugar will feed Candida and cause it to reproduce and take over.

I have been reading through The Candida Cure and it is truly enlightening. If you think you may have Candida, this is an excellent book to pic up as there are questionnaires to help you demystify Candida and figure out if symptoms you are experiencing are related. 20 bucks says they are. Mostly everything can be traced back to Candida. It’s SO annoying!!

Still on the hunt for the *perfect* anti-fungal as the one I mentioned my ND recommended is unfortunately not vegan. 🙁 Good thing I have plenty of friends who have gone through this before and who can make suggestions about what to purchase. I am leaning towards getting E3 Live or Dr. Ohhira’s pro-biotic. Perhaps both? I am currently only taking grapefruit seed extract (YUCK!!!) and milk thistle as this helps to cleanse the liver. Oh, and of course, I use coconut oil religiously as well! We all know this is the ultimate anti-fungal and one of my favorite things to talk about.

All in all, I do feel pretty good. Besides feeling a bit tired, I feel like I have a clearer head, a smaller belly and I am in a much better mood. I am really anxious to see (and feel) how this all turns out! Thanks again for stickin’ with me and please feel free to email me at with any questions you may have about my current diet or if you want guidance with yours!

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