Candida Cleanse Journal Entry #7 – Carob Will Have to Do

April 8, 2012, Day 8: Just have to share, this is my 100th blog post!!! Kinda cool, no? Okay, so you did not want to be around me last night. I felt like I was going to hit something or cry if I didn’t have a piece of chocolate. The cravings were so bad, I immediately messaged a friend of mine who has done the Candida diet. She recommended I drink some unsweetened chocolate almond milk with stevia and cinnamon. Mind you, it was 10:39pm and Whole Foods closes at 11pm. Thankfully, we live 5 blocks away, so off we went and I nabbed a container of the milk as well as some carob. I had been online researching any type of desserts that might be suitable for me, and carob plays a starring role. I have never really been a super fan of carob, but if it satisfies my cravings, I can learn to love just about anything. So, here it is:

They only had this one giant tub of it, so I guess I am stuck with it now. I made a recipe I found online for something called Carob Sweeties. Here is the recipe, which I borrowed from a Candida resource website:

Carob Sweeties:

1 heaping tbsp smooth natural almond butter

1 heaping tbsp tahini (sesame paste)

2 level tsp carob powder

pinch sea salt

2 tsp finely ground chia seeds

2-3 drops liquid stevia

1 tsp pure vanilla extract (optional–I used this awesome pure, raw vanilla powder I have from Love Street Living Foods)

1/4 cup unsweetened, dried shredded coconut

1 tbsp hemp seeds

In a food processor (I use my Mini-Prep; any small processor is recommended for this recipe), blend the almond butter, tahini, carob powder, salt and chia until you have  a smooth paste.  Add the stevia and vanilla, if using, and whir again to blend.  Add the coconut and hemp seeds and pulse until evenly distributed.  Scoop the mixture by teaspoonfuls and roll into balls.  Refrigerate (or freeze) 20 minutes or more to allow the mixture to firm up a bit.  (If you can’t wait to dig in, they’re still delicious right away, but they will be fairly soft).   Makes 4-5 balls.

These seemed to satisfy my cravings and they have all kinds of healthy protein, fat, and omega 3 sources in them! They will never replace my Bunnie’s Cakes, but until the day Bunnie and I meet again (lord knows when…), these will suffice.

I have pretty much traded in my brown rice for quinoa, which I dig since it’s a complete protein anyway. I do have brown rice cakes (not often), but when I want something crunchy, I do have one with almond or sunflower seed butter. I have been snacking a bunch as well on home made hummus and cucumber slices. I kinda miss carrots, to be honest. They were such an easy snack!

For lunch today, I made a kale salad with a simple tahini dressing. I was craving it actually and was kicking myself for not making more, but I can easily whip up another batch. Here is my Tahini Kale Salad with the recipe to follow:

1/4 bunch kale (any variety)

1/4 cup garbanzo beans

2 heaping tbsp tahini (sesame paste)

1/4 lemon, squeezed

1 garlic clove, minced

just under 1/4 cup water

Wash, rinse and chop kale into chunks. Let dry, then place in a medium sized bowl. In a small bowl, whisk together the tahini, lemon juice, garlic and water (water amount may vary on how thick/thin you like your dressing). Pour sauce over kale and massage (with hands) into kale. This helps break it down and lets the dressing really get absorbed into the leaves. Finally, add your garbanzos on top. Enjoy!

Look, I am sure I am not doing this thing “perfect”, but I have definitely omitted sugar, gluten and corn, which was a huge goal for me. I never thought it would be possible, but I am living proof it is! It does take extra work and planning to come up with nutritious foods that are filling enough, but I will be a pro in no time and I love being able to share this experience with all of you readers. Thank you for all your feedback here and on Facebook. It feels really good to have the support!

If you haven’t yet picked up the book The Candida Cure, you should think about it! It has a very extensive questionnaire to help you determine if you most likely have a Candida overgrowth.

As always, I am here to help if you need guidance or support!

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