Candida Cleanse Journal Entry #8 – I Kinda Messed Up

April 9, 2012, Day 9: The cravings have been getting worse. They happen mostly at night, but I just try to ignore them. Funny thing is though, I don’t even know really what I would want to eat if I could eat anything. I just want SUGAR. It’s intense, man.

So, I kinda may have sorta messed. Okay, so even though people told me brown rice was not a good idea, I “cheated” and had it anyway. It’s frustrating for me to think about having only quinoa. I was eating brown rice cakes and even had a few crackers. I think these are going to have to be a no-no, just like my friend Nicole (and a few others) had told me they would be. Also last night, we went out with friends, and I tried to eat as “clean” as I possibly could and I had some sauteed broccoli and black bean soup, but that was a no-no as well. I believe the food may have been cross contaminated because even though this particular restaurant serves many vegan dishes, they also serve non-vegan ones as well. Going out to eat will most definitely have to be put on hold for a long while.

Now, I know some of you reading are probably shaking your heads thinking, “Well, shouldn’t she know all this?” but the truth is, I am learning as I go and I have made an agreement with myself to love myself through this entire process. This diet takes a lot of time to get used to and it’s flippin’ HARD. I may not be perfect off the bat. I think the main lesson I have learned is to keep it as simple as possible, no matter how boring, lol.

On a higher note, my Dr. Ohhira’s probiotics arrived today so I look forward to starting them! I am also getting my E3 Live this week as well from my co-worker, so I know that all that stuff will help.

I am going to start incorporating some buckwheat for breakfast. I have a really yummy recipe for buckwheat groats blended with strawberries, but I will probably sub with another berry such as blueberries. Everything I read says berries are okay. I am a little “iffy”, and honestly probably won’t consume them too often, but maybe in a smoothie or with the groats once in a while.  My friend some of you know as Baking Fairy turned me on to a pretty tasty looking website called and I want to make these delicious looking buckwheat and quinoa pancakes with pumpkin cream (drool)!!

I must also share this video that my new Facebook friend James posted on my wall today for an awesome 70’s song by Tony Orlando called none other than “Candida!!” Check it out and here have a laugh. It’s pretty rad! Thanks, James!

I will keep you posted on my adventures with quinoa and buckwheat as well as the probiotics! If you’d like more info on what I am taking or what might be best for you, you can always contact me!

Thanks as always, for reading!

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