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I realize that there is a trend to go “green” and buying organic food products is one of the best ways to support this movement. It’s not a trend, friends. By supporting local, organic farms, we are bringing it back to the way life used to be and there truly can be no other way if we want to protect our planet that is pathetically being destroyed every day by human hands. Buying organic equals a win-win for you, the farmers and the environment. Let me explain some of the benefits of shopping all organic and point out some of the things you should consider if you are still buying conventional.

First, I will start off with the bad news; pesticides. More than a billion pounds, yes a BILLION is applied to our nations food supply every year. That equals out to be about 5lbs per person annually. 5 lbs of chemicals??? Gross! Now, this includes produce and animal products, and y’all know how I feel about animal products…11% is applied to fruits, veggies and grains and 78% is applied to meat and dairy. Only 2% of the pesticides used are actually doing what they are intended to do. The rest gets absorbed as runoff into our water and air, exposing us to its toxic effects. Americans, on average experience up to 70 toxic exposures daily through diet. You can definitely lower that statistic if you eat organic.

Toxic chemicals get stored in our fat cells and can cause a myriad of problems such as fatigue, nerve damage, slow metabolism, cancer, brain dysfunction, and birth defects. Being exposed to toxins can also prevent you from losing weight if you are trying to.

Let’s talk a little bit about GMO crops, or genetically modified crops. What this means is that a foreign gene has been injected into a plant to produce a desired outcome. Our crops are being seriously messed with people, and for what? So the vested industries can produce more and SELL more. Corn and soy are the two most genetically modified crops in the US. Ever notice how corn and soy are in EVERYTHING? Not just plain ol’ corn and soy, but by-products of these two nasty creations; corn syrup, corn starch, dextrose, glucose, high maltose syrup, tapioca, sorbitol and caramel color. Over 90% of soy products are GMO. Just read labels. I am not saying that all corn and all soy are bad. Just overconsumption of GMO can be extremely unhealthy. When you consume something that is GMO, it triggers and alarming inflammatory response in your body because your body does not recognize it as food. These put a lot of stress on your digestive system causing it to work harder. Allergies can develop from constant overconsumption as well because your body will become defensive when you keep pissing it off by making it work hard to distinguish what your food is. Your body is trying to tell you something…LISTEN. Give it a rest…slow down on the soy. And just be knowledgeable. There is a ton of literature out there bashing soy and corn and a bunch defending it. Do your homework and come to your own conclusion. My credo is everything in moderation and everything organic! 🙂

Now, on the flip side, think of all the benefits you get from buying organic products. Not only are you not taking in extra toxins, you are buying LOCAL, SEASONAL, FRESH and “GREEN”. That product did not have to travel hundreds of miles to get to you and that equals environmentally friendly. When you buy local, you 1. support your community directly and 2. lessen the toxic waste load on the environment because less gas emissions, and pollution are involved. It’s all about preserving our planet, my friends.

Plus, organic foods TASTE better! When foods have not been altered in any way, they are well balanced, healthy and flavorful. True, they might be a little bit more pricey, but if you are sticking to local and seasonal, and shopping the farmer’s market, you should not be shelling out much more than you would for yucky conventional foods. Keep voting with your dollar! The more you support the organic movement, the less expensive it will become. More and more stores carry organic now because there is a clear demand for it. Power to the people!

Organic products have to meet stringent guidelines, so that is what you pay for. It’s expensive to be certified, but it’s also very important because there is a reputation and standards to uphold. Organic farmers work in harmony with the seasons. They don’t mess with our Mother Nature. They respect her.

A study in the Journal of Applied Nutrition in 1993 reported that organic produce is significantly more nutritious than conventional food. They tested apples, potatoes, pears, wheat and sweet corn which were purchased over the course of 2 years and then analyzed the mineral content. The organically grown produce was roughly 63% higher in calcium, 73% higher in iron 118% higher in magnesium, 178% higher in molybdenum, 91% higher in phosphorus, 125% higher in potassium and 60% higher in zinc. And, it was on average 29% LOWER in mercury than conventional food.

If this all sounds a little over the top, check out the following link which lists top foods you should buy organic.

Start there. Then work up to 100% organic over time. It’s well worth it because what you are not paying for now by buying conventional, you will pay for in the end with poor health and a toxic body. Investing in your health and being preventative is never a bad idea and just remember that you’re worth it! 🙂

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