Community Supported Agriculture (CSA)

So,  I was walking out of Follow Your Heart tonight and I got stopped by a rep from Farm Fresh to You, a CSA group and I know the universe meant for us to be aligned, because I finally got started with my very first CSA! I have been manifesting this because in the San Fernando Valley where I reside currently, there are not a ton of options for organic and local produce.  So, what better way to get the best than to have it actually DELIVERED to your door??

CSA’s are amazing ways to get the best of what produce is in season and organic while supporting your local farms AND farmers! The one I signed up with; Farm Fresh to You has a farm up in the San Francisco Bay area, but have grown and are now providing produce in the Los Angeles area (yay!).

The concept of CSA’s originated in the 1960’s in Switzerland and Japan and in the 1980’s,  Europe and the States caught on. It was about a craving for fresh, local and safe produce and now in the states, at least 400 farms are considered to be CSA farms.

You can cater the box to your liking, and this is why CSA’s are sometimes called ‘subscription farming’. You can get all fruits, all veggies, a mixed box, a small box, a giant box. You typically do not get to choose what goes into the box as it’s usually what is in season, but you can tell them what you DON’T like and they will replace it with more of something else they have.

The price ranges from $15/week-$50/week depending on the size.  Also, you can get a box as little as once a month if you are on a budget, OR find a friend or family member who wants to share it with you. Spread the love! Get the community involved and you can all eat clean and diverse together!

If you are in the Los Angeles area, you can check out Farm Fresh to You at:

If not, here is a link to Local Harvest, which is a site where you can type in your zip code to find participating CSA farms in your area:

It feels good in MANY ways to sign up for a CSA. You get the best of the freshest produce that is in season. It’s clean, safe and 100% certified organic, which is a lot more than we get from our local (and sometimes trusted health food markets!). Also, you are supporting smaller, local farms that have YOU, the consumer’s best interest at heart.

Get involved! Sign up for a CSA in your area now and you can simplify your life by having your veggies and fruits gathered up for you…all you have to do now is figure out the hundreds of ways you get to EAT them!

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