Cooking IS addicting

So, one of my biggest complaints here in Palermo, (not that I can truly complain, because I AM living in Sicily right now ;))  is that I do not really have a kitchen of my own to cook in. You can see that for someone like me, this would be a major problem. I’m in a town which offers some of the freshest ingredients and food products around and I can do minimal things with them. 🙁

I have gotten into the habit of asking people if I can cook for them or just use their kitchens, but this can be a bit weird sometimes and it’s still not the same because I’d have to lug everything over, but it is a nice fix and I am definitely doing it if I get the chance.

I say cooking is addicting because the other night, I was going to a friend’s house to cook and they has already cooked and I DID lug everything over…I was going to make a coconut curry because I was SO excited about finding coconut oil, coconut milk and spices here at various markets in order to do so. I almost cried when I could not cook. I was so excited to be able to let loose in the kitchen and I was completely let down and so sad in my heart. I know a few people who are foodies who would understand how this feels. Right now, I am doing anything I can to be in a kitchen and create and it’s so hard not to be able to express myself that way in a country that produces such beautiful and tasty things.

I know some of you may not be as into cooking as I am, but please, just try it. It can definitely open up a whole new world to you. Start simple. Get a recipe for something you love to order when you go out to eat and try to make it yourself. It can be very liberating and FUN! Cooking for yourself is a nice treat, even if you think you don’t have the time, or what’s the point because it’s only you…well, THAT is the point, it’s for YOU and YOU deserve it, so do something nice for yourself because you are worth it. Do it for me (because I can’t! 🙂 Do it for your family. If you add it up, at the end of the day, typically eating out costs just as much and typically MORE than cooking at home. Eating out should be a luxury and special, not an every day habit.

Kind of a random post, but I hope to inspire all the chefs in you. Play around and don’t be afraid of messing up because if you start slow and have fun from the beginning, I’m sure you can create some wonderful and delicious meals.

On this site, there are a few reference pages I list for recipes, but google is good for stuff like that…and there is every kind of recipe imaginable out there from simple to majorly complicated and from 100% carnivorous to raw. Take a gander and start cooking!! But beware of it’s addicting side effects.

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