Creating Success in 2012

Happy New Year, friends!

I hope the holidays have treated you well and I hope you’re ready for what could be your most AMAZING and SUCCESSFUL year yet! How will you make success your reality? Well, I’m not going to lie;  it will take some hard work and dedication, but I have faith that you are up to the challenge, aren’t you?

So, first things first; start with your MIND. Use mantras, positive affirmations or visualization to attract success and truly see yourself and talk yourself into the exact situation you want to be in. If you want to be thinner, want to have more money, sustain health, have a better job or take a vacation, envision it all and manifest it by seeing it in the PRESENT. Using the statement “I am” is a great way to get started. For example, “I am 10 lbs lighter”, “I am healthy”,  or “I have more money than I need”. New Year’s resolutions in my opinion, are a waste of time. I am a much bigger fan of setting GOALS. Goals convert ideas into targets! So, set your sights high and dream big because you can have anything your heart desires.

Using mantras can be very helpful and you can say them out loud or think about them when sitting in mediation. A mantra is a group of words that are considered capable of creating transformation, and this is what you are ultimately trying to achieve, right? Transformation. Ah, isn’t that a beautiful word? To me, I believe that when we transform, we grow and we become a better individual on all levels. Once we align our minds, the body will ultimately follow! So, know that you have all the power you need to create the changes you want, if you just let your mind be free to explore the endless possibilities.

Okay, so are we thinking a bit more clearly at this point? Good. What’s next? You guessed it, body and soul health, naturally! If our body is not getting what it needs on a physical level, then guess what? We won’t be able to fully bask in the sweetness of our dreams coming true! What’s the point of manifesting what you want and then not being able to enjoy any of it?  It’s important to be healthy in mind, body and soul, correct?

This is where Healing Thru Food comes in. HTF can help you get started on the right path by creating a plan that is personalized and unique to your needs.  Obviously we all have different goals, so why would one cookie-cutter type plan be expected to work for every single individual? Newsflash: it won’t! Who wouldn’t benefit from personalized care? Doesn’t that have a much nicer ring to it than something generic and built for the masses? Is it your goal to simply be average and get average care for yourself? Strive for bigger and better! Get the individualized and supportive care that Healing Thru Food can provide you with. Want to gain knowledge on how to eat better for LIFE? HTF provides this for you and as we all know, knowledge is power! Education is not an unsustainable diet plan that you will go on and off of. The choice is yours…

The power is all in YOUR hands, so why not be pro-active and do something with it? You cannot do if you do not know, so get educated, get empowered and get HEALTHY!

I’m ready and waiting to help you thrive in 2012 and beyond! Affordable and sustainable solutions await you…

Contact me at for more information on how to get started today!

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