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Hi friends,

I wish you all a very happy Earth Day! I hope you use this time to reflect on any positive changes you have made with regards to how you treat our sacred Mother Earth. Have you been recycling more? Using your cloth bags? Composting? Maybe bought a Prius? 🙂 Whatever you do, just remember that we ALL can make a difference even if it’s just in small strides. Keep up the good work! Every little bit helps!

So, a lot of changes have been going on with me that I wanted to share with you all-for who ever is out there reading my words…

Lately, I have been really attracted to eating raw and juicing. I have been speaking about this with whoever will listen and I really truly think there is something to this method. It’s not a diet. It’s not a phase. It’s a lifestyle. It’s MY eating lifestyle. It finally found me and I am accepting it with open and loving arms and a willing belly. The reason I know this is my ‘way’ is because it seems so effortless to me. Some people think that juicing sounds like a chore, but for me, it’s ritual and less cumbersome than cooking. I FEEL good. I look good (if I must say so myself) and I am satisfied ALL the time. I also have a ton of energy, more clarity and my psychic intuition (which we all have but may not be programmed to listen to) is more dead on. I am not saying I just drink juice all the time…I do eat. But what I eat is 80% raw. Raw food prep for me is fun, creative and nourishing, and please, do not knock it before you try it. 🙂

I have always liked the 80/20 philosophy applied to pretty much LIFE. With food, it’s no different. Here’s how it breaks down in my world. I eat 80% raw. 80% of that raw food is vegan/ vegetarian, meaning, I still consume fish…sometimes (20%ish of the time)-when I feel like it. But most of the time, it’s something like sushi or canned tuna (raw but, I know, I know…mercury and toxicity…I have a moral dilemma with this too, sometimes, but that is why it’s only 20% of my eating lifestyle). I hope this is making sense… So, some foods are cooked as well. I am a huge fan of yams, and obviously, I have to cook those because they do not exactly taste great raw (I do not have a dehydrator yet, but am working on manifesting my Excalibur ;)). My cooked food sources have seriously taken a back seat. I sometimes consume brown rice or quinoa, but not too much anymore. I believe that what I eat throughout the day combines well and gives me the proper nourishment, so please do not be too concerned about ‘complete’ protein. The beef and poultry industry has most of America so ass backwards about how much protein everyone needs and most of it is BS. 8-9% of our daily calorie intake should be protein and this means about 44g for women and 54g for men daily. ENOUGH with the protein obsession. We need ALL nutrients, and eating this way does supply everything I need.

This may or may not work for YOU however,  and I am not trying to convert anyone to eating how I do, but my point is to inspire you to really listen to YOUR needs. Don’t buy into fad diets or calorie counting or eating that takes away from the pleasure of EATING. Food should be fun and you will find your way. It does take time, and we are all different, with different chemical make ups and DNA, so the same thing simply CANNOT work for everyone. That’s just ludacris.

Trust and honor yourselves to make the best choices for you. Just stick to whole foods and you cannot go wrong. Remember that this is a LIFESTYLE, not just a diet to lose a few lbs. It must be SUSTAINABLE and you must give yourself space and forgive yourself if you ‘mess up’ or eat something that you know is not going to serve you best. As long as you have this awareness, this is a huge step in the right direction.

If you need help on finding the perfect fit for your lifestyle, please schedule an appointment with me. Call (818)809-8045 or email me at:

It’s fun to figure out what works because once you do, you can get on with life and not be bothered to put too much effort and thought into what you are going to be eating for the rest of your life. It takes time and practice but I am telling you from experience, once it clicks, it feels so good and it makes life so much easier and enjoyable.

I am here to help and welcome any questions!

Wishing you all the very best in health ALWAYS and a delightful Earth Day!



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