Feed Your Cells!

When you think about algae, what comes to mind? Green? Slimy? Alive? Well, algae is one of the BEST and most nutritive things you can consume. Most contain over 60%  COMPLETE plant protein and this is important for vegans and vegetarians since they especially need complete protein. Even if you are not veggie, it’s still important to eat foods that reach your cells. Why? Because if your cells are starving, your body cannot function at optimal levels and support you and your every day activities.

I have been hearing a lot about a product called E3-Live lately. Let me first say that I am NOT selling it. I am just speaking about it. I haven’t even taken it too many times but I have been gathering information (as this is what I do, so I can report back to YOU!) about it because I think it is a superlicious miracle food! It only grows in one special place in Oregon and it’s a whole, living food provided by Mother Nature herself and contains more chlorophyll than wheatgrass, and abundance of omega-3 and omega-6 and as I mentioned, this also supplies over 60% complete plant protein. The magic of E3-Live is that if you take the liquid version, it goes straight to your brain and you can actually FEEL an instant rush and gain mental clarity. I think this is my favorite thing about the product-you can actually feel instant results. It’s said to be extremely helpful for Alzheimer’s since it actually goes right to the brain and nourishes it and works on neurotransmitters, rewiring and bringing blood to areas in need. It’s said to be 97% absorbable  by the body, meaning, it’s bioavialable and your body can use it right away and use all of it’s amazing nutritive properties. Algaes such as E3-Live and other sea plant products such as spirulina, nori, and even wheatgrass are all good for combating ailments such as fatigue, addictions, ADD, immune system problems, weight problems, and especially are good for restoring a sense of vitality and mental clarity.

It is important to know that what you eat should essentially be bioavailable, live foods. Eating foods that serve you on a cellular level are much more rewarding and you will FEEL the difference when you choose living foods. Live foods have a much more potent vibrational energy and this is extremely important for how the body functions. If you are constantly munching on foods that cannot reach your cells (ie. acidic type foods such as red meat, processed, refined or trans fat ridden products, etc), your body will begin to break down and we know this can be evident in many ways. When your cells are starving, this can manifest itself as fatigue, low blood sugar, weight gain (really!), and most drastically, DIS-EASE.

Algaes and sea plants provide the body with tons of vitamins, minerals, nutrients and enzymes it needs to function properly. They also contain EFA’s (essential fatty acids), which protect your heart and arteries, provide you with energy and help keep your immune system healthy and thriving!

One simple trick for feeding, or at least quenching your cells is to add some Celtic sea salt to your filtered water. Salt helps the water reach your cells effectively and this is a good start to nourishing your body on a cellular level. Let’s face it, we cannot do a whole lot without the very essence of life: water.

Feed your cells what they need to thrive and your body will thank you. Be conscious of what you eat every day and think about how your body will be absorbing it. That donut and cup of coffee is not truly serving you or speaking to your cells lovingly…what it’s saying to your cells is “I don’t care if you starve!” Feed your body what it truly can USE. Live foods are Mother Nature’s gift to us and we all have the power to make the most healthful and useful choices. As I always say, it’s what you do 80% of the time that counts, so just do your best and love yourself every step of the way. I will tell you from experience though, it’s a LOT easier to love yourself when you FEEL good.

Let me know if anyone has tried E3-Live and what you think or if you have any other thoughts, suggestions or rants about plant proteins like that one. Oh, if you do want to try it, Whole Foods definitely carries it, along with most health food stores. It’s definitely not cheap, but it’s way cheaper than paying for the cost of failed health. Don’t be afraid to invest in YOU. You are most certainly worth it! 🙂

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