Feeling Underjoyed?

Sometimes at HTF, I like to speak a bit about healthy mind set because I believe there is an important connection between body, mind and spirit. With that being said, we have to nourish all these things to feel complete and balanced. I wanted to write a little about some very powerful healing modalities; life coaching and transformational coaching.

Do you ever feel like you have every reason in the world to be happy, but you still find yourself not as joyful as you’d like to be? Well, sometimes we can be doing everything we think we are supposed to be doing to achieve pure bliss and a joyful mind; deep breathing, meditation, journaling, exercising,  venting to friends, etc…

Unfortunately though, sometimes it’s not that simple.  I am sure most of us can agree that a lot of our so called issues probably stem back to early childhood experiences…not to get all “Freudian” on you guys, but it’s a common thread many of us share, I’m guessing, yes?

So, what do we do in this case? Do we seek traditional psychotherapy? Speak about how mom didn’t love us or how dad didn’t pay us enough attention? Obviously, sometimes, it can be way more dramatic than this, and I am not downplaying anything here. We are the products of some serious conditioning. But in my personal opinion, traditional therapy is not the complete answer. Although I have gone through that as well at times and it can be extremely helpful and comforting offering important tools one may need to cope with certain life situations. But it all seems very intellectual. Okay, so mom beat the shit out of me when I was 7 but now I can come to understand that she was hurting, too. Great. But there still lies some serious  neurological damage as  your brain has been programed to be afraid and be distrustful.

Talking about the issue and rehashing the past experiences is helpful, in ways, to acknowledge and to try to move on, but many of us still have feelings that rule us and make us act in certain ways, sometimes sabotaging our current relationships and  stealing what joy we could be truly experiencing if we could learn to rewire those neurons and create new and healthy thought patterns.

With life coaching, you get the chance to speak about anything that rides you: lack of motivation, lack of confidence, manifesting your beloved, creating a better business, whatever issue you want to work on…and this amazing person who is your life coach cheers you on all the way. They do not put answers to your deepest questions in your head, but rather give you space to find the answers within and this is TRUE knowledge because it comes from YOU. You have the answers and all the power—you just need to look inside.

Life coaching is extremely empowering because you are working on YOUR life and someone is with you all the way to shepherd you through the good AND bad-not that there is really good and bad per say, but they are there to share your experiences with you. And I know this sounds a lot like traditional psychotherapy, but with life coaching, you are doing a lot of  ‘homework’. You get to hone in on personal goals and write them down and TALK about them, and get excited about change! Your life coach points out ways you may not be seeing everything that is right in front of you.

My personal experience with Mickey Caputo (mickey@systemofstrength.com) was LIFE CHANGING.  He is so nurturing and he definitely helped me to work through some deep seeded issues that had been holding me back for a long while. He never judged or pushed his personal agenda (even if I wanted him to!). He just allowed me to have the space to grow personally and find what I was truly looking for, which was hidden inside already anyway. It’s about DISCOVERY and reconnection with your wonderful self and I cannot speak highly enough about Mickey’s amazing work and life coaching in general.

I had another experience recently where I attended a free 4 hour transformational workshop with a couple whose names are Miranda and Jana Saunders (www.DiscoverSoulSpa.com) and even in a group setting, they were able to achieve such powerful work! I was floored and I walked away feeling so much lighter. They gave me some very important tools on rewiring the brain enabling joy to enter that space instead. Once you remove the crap that has been sitting in there for so long, you get the chance to fill that empty void with happy things that SERVE you, versus robbing you of the joy you are entitled to.

Listen, people do some messed up things to others without even realizing they do it. So, true, we cannot be too harsh and express  too much blame. Everyone is here, in my opinion to teach you something. But, physiologically, this is real. Neurons multiply and grow and they can either be programmed for blissful things or pure hell. And you have the power to work through this and be HAPPY!

If you are feeling like you need that help to bring you over to true happiness, I highly recommend working with a professional such as Mickey or Miranda or Jana…or who every YOU trust to share your soul with. Our time is pretty short here, and I know I personally want to live each day feeling the best way I can and now I know I have complete control. You do not have to live in pain or fear or regret or guilt. Those are learned emotions and behaviors.

Think back to when you were a little kid…remember something positive, a happy childhood memory…and imagine living your life in pure bliss, as you felt at that very moment, ALL THE TIME! True, we are not robots-we are human, and we will have our ups and downs, but wouldn’t you rather have control and way more UPS? I know I felt this way.

I wish all you healthy readers complete and total happiness.  If I can assist in any way, even if it’s putting you in touch with who you are being called to connect with, let me help!

Go get happy NOW. Your life is waiting for you!

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