Find Help with Kelp-Getting Sea Veggies into Your Life has Never Been so Easy and Fun!

Kelp noodles give you a very easy way to get a healthy dose of sea veggies into your eating lifestyle. Kelp is  an extremely nutrient dense superfood containing many minerals we need for cell cleansing and alkalinity. This is why they are an important additive. Swinging your body alkaline, means keeping it less prone to dis-ease, which sounds pretty good, right? We want an alkaline body environment so we can function at our best, having our bodies do what they were designed to do without having to deal with toxic waste and stress. Kelp noodles can HELP achieve this body happiness!

Kelp noodles can be found at most health food stores in the refrigerated section and they are so versatile since they have no flavor. They have a neutral taste, so will allow for many uses including salads, soups, stir fries, etc. They will absorb the flavor of what ever sauce or dressing your happy heart desires to put on ’em. You can use them straight out of the package-they do not need to be cooked, but you can certainly cook them into your favorite dishes! They have a very interesting and mild texture that is pleasing to the palate, especially with your favorite flavoring. They are really fun to eat and make a great alternative to regular pasta! So much healthier, lighter and nutritive for you! It’s all about foods that serve you…and these most certainly will! 🙂 They are low in calories (6 calories, YES, 6, in 4 ounces, have 0 cholesterol, 1 gm of carbs, o fat, 0 sugar, contain 15% calcium and 4% iron (again, in a 4 ounce serving-there are 3 servings in 1 package of noodles). They are allergen free, gluten free and they are a RAW food! 🙂

I like to make this really yummy kelp noodle seaweed salad with a miso dressing! If you are a fan on my Facebook page, there is a pic there…if you are not a fan of HTF on Faecbook, BECOME one!

Here is the recipe for the salad:

1/2 bag kelp noodles, rinsed and drained

2 tbsp sea veggies (you can get these right next to the kelp noodles at Whole Foods), rinsed and drained (as they come packed in salt and will be really salty if you just eat them right out of the bag)

shredded carrot

sliced radish

chopped green onion

Mix all together in bowl.

For Miso Dressing (makes 1 cup):

4 1/2 tbsp miso paste

4 1/2 tbsp honey

3 tbsp rice vinegar

3 tbsp mustard

Whisk until smooth.


There are many creative things you can do with kelp noodles! Please reply or email me at healingthrufoo with some of YOUR fave ways to use them!

As we approach summer, it’s nice to find foods that are lighter yet still offer a world of nutritional value. These


your answer! Go out and try them today! Have fun in the kitchen using them and please, share recipes!! Send pics, too! 🙂

All the best in health ALWAYS!!! ~Dori

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