Food and Vibrational Frequency

Everything boils down to energy. Every living thing on this planet is made up of energy and this especially includes your food. This energy can be measured in megahertz (MHz) frequency ratings. This may sound a little funny, but it’s true. Our core organs such as our lungs, heart, and brain, also emit an energy rating that measures typically around 70 MHz. So, with that concept in mind, what does that make you think about the food choices you make? Seems to me like you’d want to be eating foods that would speak to your body and radiate the same or higher MHz frequency so your body can HEAR it. I know, I know…sounds a little “hoaky” but if you do any research by Dr. Robert O. Young, Ph.D, you will see that this idea can be proven.

Dr. Robert Young (, and his supporters, which include Dean Snyder ( explain that certain foods speak to your body better than others; mainly alkaline foods! Dr. Young lists a chart that shows the ratings of certain popular foods and shows that canned foods equal a zero since they are “dead”…they are in a can. No chi or life force can be detected from foods in cans…not to say that all canned foods are bad. Sometimes they are better than nothing, but you know I am going to suggest that FRESH is BEST. Okay, so how about this one; Big Macs emit a 5 on the MHz rating scale…remember, your core organs emit 70!!! So, how does that Big Mac truly serve you? Now on the other hand, green veggies rate between 70-90 MHz! Now we’re talking! And green juices or superfood green powders rate 250 or higher! Wow! Talk about a nutritive food choice! Your body will be singing Hallelujah when you give it foods that are high in energy!

Dean Snyder explains that the word “energize” refers to eating foods that are high in vibrational energy. Foods only provide value when they can be converted into the elements necessary for this chemistry that allows electrical charges to continue.

If you are eating dead food (such as meat, canned foods, highly processed…), these contribute very little to your body, whereas if you are eating live foods, filled with energy and life force, these will speak to your body and serve it well. Dead foods put you in an energy deficit. Eat foods that supercharge your body so you can get the most out of this amazing and powerful machine of yours! Your body is the most unique and miraculous piece of equipment you will ever own, so take good care of it and you will surely reap the benefits.

Eat a rainbow every day! Add color to all your meals…big and small! It adds up, believe me. And if you start your day off with a green powder smoothie, you are setting yourself up for MAJOR success! You owe it to yourself to once and for all take control of your health. It’s not that hard and you don’t have to GIVE UP anything (yet). But once you start adding in all the wonderful nutritive foods I have recommended, you won’t even remember how to spell McDonald’s!

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