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Happy New Year all! And welcome to 2009! I hope your new year has started off with a bang and that you are ready to hit the ground running!

Did you ever stop and think about just how powerful your mind can be? I am not just talking about New Year’s resolutions…in fact, I think the concept of them sets one up for failure. We are constantly resolving things within our selves or our lives, and I think the more appropriate term is GOALS. What goals do you have your hearts set on for the coming year? Is it to lose weight? Eat healthier? Find love? Find a better job? Go on a long awaited adventurous vacation? Well, DO IT. Whatever it is you think is stopping you, is just a brick wall, as Randy Pausch referred to it,  to see if you are dedicated enough to break through it and make your dreams a reality.

How many times have you wanted something so bad and you end up talking yourself out of it and coming up with excuses for why you can’t have it, don’t deserve it or that’s it’s so absurd that it would never happen? You say negative things like, “it’s too expensive to take a vacation” or “I should be lucky to have a job, so why should I look for something better?” or “I am meant to be alone and I will never find love”…well, these thoughts can rule you and your reality. In simplest terms, thoughts are things. Let me repeat that. THOUGHTS ARE THINGS. A very good friend of mine once told me that and I believe that about sums up everything in a nutshell. What you think, IS. So, if you think you are broke, you most likely will not be manifesting abundance. If you think you are heavy and cannot lose weight, most likely you are constantly going to struggle with weight loss. You get the picture.

You have to imagine what you want as if you already have it. For example, if you want to eat healthier, a good affirmation to put out into the universe would be: “I intend to eat only the freshest, healthiest foods that serve my body and make me feel good”.  If you want to create love in your life and find your beloved, you may say something like, “I intend to attract the one and he/she has these qualities (fill in whatever you want in that person!). I know this sounds a little “woo-woo” friends, but believe me, manifesting what you want WORKS.

For instance, I so badly wanted to go back to Costa Rica, since I went for my first time back in 2006. I fell in love with it then and it was so hard to come home, but I knew I would be back. I have been dreaming of going back and have been putting all my thoughts-every waking one, into going lately (and when I say lately, I mean, within the last 2 months). Well compadres, I leave in a couple weeks for 11 days of  adventure and fun in the sun!  It was a burning desire for me to go and I made it happen by imagining myself there. I could feel the sun on my face and body while relaxing in a hammock, taste the food there, smell the coffee, imagine talking to the native people in the small amount of Spanish I know! 🙂 You get the point.

If you put something out in the universe, it wants you to have it and this power is available to all of you. It’s unlimited in abundance, so ask away. But, please, be careful for what you wish for because it will most likely come true! That is why you must use this power wisely. You must only focus on positive thoughts. I am not saying that if you are broke or if you have cancer, you can just think yourself rich or healthy, BUT, you can focus your energy on more positive things. You can imagine yourself being successful or having the cancer removed and keep your thoughts at a high energy frequency. This will not only make you feel better, but some pretty miraculous things may start to happen. I’ve seen it and I am sure you have all heard stories from either friends or loved ones that sound so unbelievable, they almost seem like they were made up. I have seen people who were sick-really sick with cancer, go into remission and live full and happy lives. I have seen my best friend within 1 year’s time, make her dream of wanting to live abroad in Italy, a reality. I have seen another beautiful friend manifest her beloved within months. And I am finally going back to Costa Rica. IT HAPPENS. It’s the universe answering requests. Try it!

I encourage you all to take charge of your destiny. Nothing is set in stone and you have the power to create whatever it is you want in this lifetime. Remember, the universe is here to provide and do not feel bad asking for things. Do not feel bad receiving because the more you have, the more you can give, and giving IS receiving-they are symbiotic.  Sharing what you have with others, whether it be time, money, love, thoughts, etc, creates a flow of energy that gives back to you ten-fold in amount.

Start by making a list of the 3 things you want the most right now. Writing things down gets them out of your head so you can focus your thoughts more on manifesting these dreams.  Take the things you want and imagine you already have them, as silly or as unrealistic as that may seem. No one is going to judge you for your thoughts and the people closest to you should support you unconditionally, so if it feels comfortable, share your thoughts with those you love and trust so you can be encouraged to stick to your goals. It’s always nice to have a support system. All you have to do is put your thoughts out in the universe and wait. It’s that simple. Now, you may not know how or when these things will manifest and come to you, but the key is to put your thoughts out there and then be OPEN to whatever happens. Life pulls us in some interesting directions sometimes, but let me tell you, there are NO accidents. Even the darkest of situations are presented to you to show you something, and to keep you on your path to your ultimate goal. Embrace every experience, even the crappy ones as a learning experience and be grateful for it. Just keep focused on what you want no matter what or who gets in your way. Ask and you shall receive. It’s just that easy.

So, what are you waiting for…

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