Healing Fit for a Queen (or King!)

I know you have heard me speak about my dear friend Renee Heidtman, of Center for Peaceful Healing as she is going through stage 4 breast cancer and I post a great deal about her, her treatment and her progress on Facebook, mostly. I wanted to touch on something she inspired me to write about. She is about finished with her treatment at the Gerson Institute in Tijuana, Mexico. Tomorrow she goes back to San Francisco and I know she is excited to get back home and start her new life in post treatment, which will be about a 2 year process.  At Gerson, she had to stick to a pretty strict regimen of juicing (13 glasses per day!), coffee enemas, which she learned how to administer herself (fun!), mostly vegan, raw and bland foods. Spices are a no-no.

She also mentioned that she was taking Royal Jelly and actually applying it topically to the tumor on her breast. I decided to do some research and found out that Royal Jelly is extremely effective for treating cancer because of an unsaturated fatty acid in it called 10-HDA (which stands for 10-Hydroxy-2-Decenoic Acid), which is unique to RJ, and inhibits the growth of TA-3 cells, which are affiliated with breast cancer.

Royal Jelly is a combination of flower nectars, sugars, proteins and glandular secretion from bees. Worker bees secrete this from their heads and this is fed to all larval bees for the first 3 days of their little lives. After the 3 days, however, the Royal Jelly is only fed to the larval bee that is destined to be queen. This bee is typically 50% larger than the workers because of her diet of Royal Jelly and she will live roughly 6 years surpassing the 6-week lifespan or her kingdom!

Royal Jelly cannot be man made and it can only come from the hard work of bees. It supplies us with healthy doses of  B-vitamins, vitamins A, C, D, E and K, more than a dozen key minerals, 18 amino acids, as well as nucleic acids (DNA and RNA).  Adenosine triphosphate (ATP), adenosine diphosphate (ADP) and adenosine monophosphate (AMP) are also found in Royal Jelly.

Royal Jelly can be in liquid, elixer, capsule or chewable tablet form. It has been said to be useful to combat diabetes, improve liver function, deal with skin problems, high blood pressure, inflammation, fatigue, is antibacterial and can help with allergies.

So, treat yourself like royalty and add Royal Jelly into your eating lifestyle if you think it may serve you. The benefits seem pretty marvelous and I was delighted to find out about it’s anticancer properties!

Ah yes, HTF community, you are all kings and queens of your own kingdom! Insist on the best care for yourselves! Let people like Renee inspire you as she inspires me! There are always alternatives out there and you should never feel stuck. Dig, dig and dig more until you find something your soul resonates with!


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