How to Maintain Your Vitality

Happy December, my lovely readers!

I hope where ever you are, you are enjoying the season! So much good stuff! Hanukkah is in full swing and Christmas is just around the corner!

Just a reminder to keep you all motivated to stay on top of your game during this very tempting and tantalizing time of the year. It’s easy to fall back and then have to make up later for overindulging at all the company parties, family functions or while on a holiday vacation.

Today I had to take my car in for maintenance and it made me totally think about the body. It may sound cliche to say that our bodies are like our cars, but seriously, after a very expensive wake up call, I realized that with a little more attention and maintenance, I probably would be $1,000 richer this week.  🙁 Our bodies ARE like cars. They need the basics to survive and THRIVE. With only a switch of the mind and a bit of planning, our bodily ‘cars’ can run smooth for miles without breaking down.

If we take the simplest analogy and compare engine fuel to water, we know that cars cannot run without fuel (or water either!), so how can WE run on empty and expect to perform at our best? We need the basics. We need water (for starters) to function properly, so if this is the only thing you can focus on first for positive change, then do it! The rest will simply fall into place when you are ready to take it on. But water is HUGE.

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle does take a bit of work and will most likely take trial and error since one philosophy, diet or routine does not work for all individuals. It takes carving out the best approach for you since YOU are special, unique and are completely different than anyone else! Doesn’t this make sense then, that you would need to give yourself time to figure out what works specifically for beautiful you?

So, here are some pointers to consider to maintain your vitality and health and start NOW:

-Water. Simplest of all things, but we tend to forget about this important factor that helps maintain our health and wellness, especially when it’s not hot out. Try to consume eight 8 oz glasses per day.

-Grazing. Eating 6 balanced and whole food based mini meals per day can help us regulate our blood sugar and stabilize our metabolism. Also, if you are noshing all day, you will tend to skip out on all those tempting and unhealthful holiday foods. (Just ask or email me for ideas of foods to graze on!)

-Breathe. Breath is also one of those simple things we tend to forget to pay attention to. Taking in a good solid, deep breath oxygenates our blood and assists in detoxifying the body. The less toxic our bodies, the stronger our immune systems and immune system health is EVERYTHING.

-Don’t stress out. I know, easier said than done, but my personal philosophy is that the Divine would not give you anything you could not handle, so even if you are in a bind, embrace the challenge and let it serve you. It’s all happening for a reason. Stress can put the body in some serious states of dis-ease, so consider this and your overall health the next time you are about to blow up on someone or throw something across the room.

Hope these simple, yet effective tips can help you maintain your health and wellness through the holidays and beyond! For more help on staying healthy and a more in depth breakdown on what YOU can be doing that will best serve you and your personal lifestyle, set up a FREE nutrition consult with Dori! Planning is your best strategy to reaching and sustaining your goals and I want to help! Call (818)809-8045 or email

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