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It’s great to be back after such a long lapse in writing! I have had an active month! I GRADUATED and am now a CERTIFIED NUTRITION EDUCATOR, thank you very much! And I moved that same week, so I apologize for not getting to my blog sooner…I have been thinking about all kinds of new fun and juicy things to tell you about…

Now, some of you who know me well, have heard me babble about my favorite drink, KOMBUCHA! For others, who don’t know what that is, that is what I am going to talk to you about…

Kombucha is a living drink made with fermented tea. So, if you have all been good boys and girls and have been keeping up with your reading, you know that living, fermented foods help with what? That’s right, DIGESTION! Kombucha has a crisp, sparkling texture and fizzes in your mouth, sort of like a cider or champagne (but much healthier!). It’s definitely an acquired taste, and don’t worry, I will give you my pointers on which ones to try first, flavor wise…I wasn’t that jazzed about it either when I first tried it, but people, let me tell you, this has been a HUGE year for changes in this nutrition educator’s eating lifestyle! Things I never even envisioned being crammed down this mug o’ mine have been consumed like they were going out of style! So, back to kombucha…

Kombucha starts from a “scoby”, sometimes called a “mother” and scoby stands for: Symbiotic Culture Of Bacteria and Yeasts. Sounds appetizing, right? Well, if I have taught you anything, young Skywalkers, its that your body needs healthy bacteria, and kombucha is the perfect way to get your healthy dose!

Kombucha can produce minor amounts of alcohol in it’s fermentation process, but it’s typically only about 1%…sorry folks…no buzz here! Just pure love and goodness! There are active live cultures floating around in the bottle, but do not be alarmed and for goodness sake, do NOT dump them out…drink ’em down! Those are the good guys! That’s what you pay the big bucks for, peeps!

Kombucha offers a world of health benefits which can include increased energy, stress reduction, boosting metabolism, immune health, digestion health and it helps to keep the body in that happy alkaline state that we want to be in!

Kombucha can be found at most health food stores and my two favorite brands are Synergy and Kombucha Wonder. So, which flavor do you want to get? Start mild. Synergy makes a flavor called Guava Goddess, which is my personal favorite. It’s mild and almost sweet in flavor and won’t completely freak you out. Gingerade is my second favorite, so for all those ginger lovers, I recommend this one. Their Strawberry Serenity is very popular and people also seem to like the Divine Grape. Other good choices include Trilogy, which is a blend of raspberry, lemon and ginger and also the Mystic Mango. The Raspberry Rush tastes to me like old alcohol, NOT my fave, and you will probably be turned off, so you may want to avoid this one, at first. I am a huge raspberry fan, but this does not resemble raspberry at all. They cost roughly $3.00 per bottle…you spend that at Starbuck’s on coffee anyway, so why not give kombucha a whirl and drink something that gives back to your body? You will ween yourself off of the hard stuff in a matter of no time. 🙂 I did.

With the Kombucha Wonder, I love the Asian Pear…it’s a bit milder of a brand than the Synergy, but it can’t always be found in stores. I have gotten it at random places, such as Fraiche, which is my favorite organic yogurt eatery in Palo Alto and Pharmaca, which is the integrative pharmacy in downtown Los Gatos, which is an amazing place, as well, by the way.

What ever your fancy, give kombucha a try! You will feel great and perhaps become addicted like I am! But I would much rather be hooked on healthy bacteria than caffeine which robs my body of healthy nutrients. Remember, friends, it’s all about taking in foods that SERVE you. You can have the coffee because in moderation, it won’t kill you…but substituting some healthy alternative, such as kombucha, gives your body a chance to become replenished and vibrant! Do yourself a favor and try it today! (Do I sound like a kombucha commercial or what?!?)

Yours in health,


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