Microwaves-Is having food fast worth your health?

I am too young to remember when microwaves first hit the shelves, but according to history, they were all the rage and made claims to be able to cook foods (even foods that took an especially long time to cook such as a turkey or chicken) exceptionally fast. Sounds great right? Think again. Microwaving food may seem like a good idea in our fast paced, super busy, “need hot food now” lives, but if you are microwaving, you are getting a lot more than what you bargain for, and it ain’t good food.

Microwaves have the power to heat foods quickly by using high frequency electromagnetic waves. What this means is that your food is being heated from the inside out, versus convectionally from out to in. The microwave provides a 1400 degree heat blast that blows up food from the inside out. The structures of the molecules that make up your food become deformed. Microwaves completely DENATURE your food. The food you put in is not the same food when it comes out. It has been permanently altered. When you consume food that has been heated in a microwave, it is toxic to your system. Your body does not recognize this product as food and has a hard time breaking it down. Also, by microwaving foods, especially vegetables, you lose most of the valuable nutrients they supply. 60-90% of the energy that foods naturally provide is lost by microwaving. When you “blast” foods to make them hot, everything changes. Do an experiment: microwave popcorn (which, I will admit, I used to love and eat all the time…now I don’t even own a microwave) and compare the taste, structure, how long it stays warm, etc to air popped pop corn made on the stove. You will notice a significant difference! Foods heated in the microwave come out rubbery, do not stay warm and get hard when left out. Microwaved popcorn, for instance, typically does not last until the next day, whereas air popped popcorn does and can certainly be enjoyed for more than 20 min after making it. TRY IT! You’ll be pleasantly surprised. Take 2 tablespoons of organic, raw, unrefined, virgin coconut oil and put it in a large, deep pot on the stove. Heat it on high and throw in some organic popcorn kernels. Keep an eye on it to avoid burning and shake pot frequently. Listen until you don’t hear much popping going on and remove from stove. Enjoy! I guarantee you will fall in love with that versus crappy, denatured microwave popcorn.

I’m sure most of you are familiar with the report that came out in 1989 about how heating milk in the microwave in a baby bottle can be extremely harmful to babies. The reason was that although the bottle may be a temperature that was cool to the touch, the liquid inside could scald the baby and the steam bottled up could actually cause the bottle to explode. Awesome. Will definitely NOT be warming my baby bottles in the microwave, thank you very much. Besides the obvious dangers of the temperature, the nature of the milk is altered as well. The milk is not milk anymore. It’s denatured white crap.

Eating microwaved foods produce toxic free radicals in the body. Free radicals are the result of an unstable chemical bond. These bonds quickly react with other compounds because they are missing an electron, so they “steal” one from another in order to become stable, and in turn, the molecule that was stolen from becomes a free radical. When we eat foods high in antioxidants (colorful fruits and vegetables-think kale, carrots, blueberries, blackberries, etc), they supply us with some heavy artillery to come in and neutralize these by giving up one of their electrons. In turn, they become unstable, but the more antioxidants you have on reserve, the less dangerous, cancer-forming free radicals are flowing through your body because antioxidants (namely vitamin E and vitamin C) work as TEAM ANTIOXIDANT. They help each other out in times of need and the process is ongoing. The more we eat raw and organic foods, the more we can up our supply and help Team Antioxidant out.

Do yourself a favor and unplug your microwave and THROW IT OUT. Do not donate it because you do not want to encourage that behavior. Go back to nature and heat things conventionally, either on the stove or in the oven. It honestly does not take that much longer and your foods taste so much better.

Believe me, a year ago, I was a microwave junkie as well and it would have never crossed my mind to go without one, but once you make the change and realize the facts about what it does to your food and especially to YOU if you eat microwaved food, it hardly seems worth it to have my food ready in 3 min. I’m okay with waiting 5 min more and especially okay with the fact that what I am about to consume is still food.

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