Start Healing with Food

It’s often hard to explain to people what I do because I actually do a lot of different things. I am a coach, a cheerleader, a menu planner, an analysist, and a therapist, if you will. 🙂 I look over food journals, advise on healthy food choices, listen to your problems, help you feed your family well, try to save you money on your groceries, advise you how to dine out consciously and help you strategize on creating what I call a healthy Eating Lifestyle. Most of all, I try to inspire you to be your own coach and to take control by giving you tools that will be of life long service to you.

What I do is unique and different in the sense that I cater each of my services to you, the individual. I am not providing the latest trend diet, a place to check in and log your calories or scale pounds, nor do  I prey on the fact that you may just be misguided, uneducated or lost in the world of healthy nutrition and need help finding your path.

Look, somewhere down the line, we all got confused. If you haven’t figured it out yet, our government does not have our best interest at heart, so it truly is up to us as consumers to take our power back. Trusting commercial foods and what is on the shelf, or believing that medication or surgery is your answer to weight management is a fallacy. All the claims and messages on hundreds of thousands of foods (all owned by only 5, yes 5 huge companies, btw) scream at you all the time in bold saying, “Choose me! I’m good for you! I now have no fat, and am fortified with iron!”. In nutrition school, we spoke about the “silence of the yams”…the concept that whole foods make no health claims because they don’t need to. They already include all the vitamins, nutrients and minerals you need and these have all been provided naturally.

In short, I just wanted to clarify a little bit about what exactly Nutrition Coaching is because a lot of people have heard the term yet still have no idea. As listed on the site’s homepage, some of the things I help people with are:

  1. Weight Loss

  2. Detoxing/Cleansing

  3. Gaining Energy

  4. Boosting Metabolism

  5. Living with Dis-ease (diabetes, cancer, diverticulitis, etc.)

  6. Emotional Issues (anxiety, depression)

  7. Easting Disorders

  8. Healthy Grocery Shopping

  9. Shopping on a Budget

  10. Healthy Pregnancy & Family Planning

  11. Menu Analysis

All this is not done in some “cookie-cutter” way because we are all unique and beautiful. I cater my services to what you need and how it can work best for you. I am open to making it work in many different ways:

  1. Phone Consults

  2. Skype

  3. E-mail/Chat

  4. ..and of course, in PERSON!

My fees are all based on what your personal needs are, so we speak first about your goals and expectations and then design a plan for you. This is what will determine the cost.

I hope this has helped shed some light on what my purpose is. I hope to provide you with the best and most personal care that will ultimately bring you the results you desire. So many positive changes can happen if we adjust our food. So, if you have an open mind, heart and soul and are ready for changes in your life to happen, let’s get started! Your life is waiting for you!

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