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Are you one of the millions of people that are still using SPLENDA (or some other funky sugar substitute such as NutriSweet or Equal)??? Listen folks, no matter what the food industry tries to sell you on, Splenda and other such sugar substitutes are BAAAAAAAAAD news! A Splenda cookbook???? For diabetics?? Let me explain why that is all kinds of wrong….

We will start with Splenda (or sucralose) since that is the most popular and everyone thinks it’s good for you. Splenda has taken the artificial sweetener world by storm. It is the most marketed product of its nature and people know it as “the sweetener that is made from sugar, so it tastes like sugar”. Sucralose does start off as a sugar molecule, true, but it is denatured in such as way that it makes it completely unusable to the body. It’s TOXIC. In Splenda’s case, 3 CHLORINE molecules are added to it’s chemical make up. Chlorine? Sure, it’s a trace mineral, but in nature, it is found with other elements. When it is alone, it is highly reactive in nature and we are already exposed to plenty of chlorine daily. Everytime we shower, we get a nice, healthy dose…remember, our skin is our largest organ and it absorbs whatever touches it, including water. Too much is definitely toxic, so why use it in your iced tea? The Splenda camp says their product is safe for diabetics and this couldn’t be farther from the truth. Those who suffer from diabetes are quite unique and individual in their chemical make up, and are extremely sensitive, so something as unstable and toxic as this false “safe” sugar subsitute could really harm someone’s health who already has to be so diligent about their sugar levels.

Also, this is a foreign, man made substance, friends. Your body does not recognize it, and wants it out. Your body has to work extremely hard to identify it and rid your system of this horrible wanna-be sugar. Don’t use it!!!

NutriSweet, or Aspartame is no exception to the rule. If you don’t know about the dangers of Aspartame by now, I don’t know where you have been hiding. It’s no secret that this chemical has been linked to birth defects, cancer, diabetes, mental disorders, and epilepsy. Countless studies have been done exposing the truth about Aspartame. PLEASE read labels…it’s in many processed foods such as soda (you should not be drinking soda anyway!), instant breakfasts, yogurt, gum, mints, supplements…the list goes on.

Do you like being part of a huge science experiment? Because, essentially, when you take in products such as Splenda, which was rushed through FDA approval with minimal test trials, WE become the test trials. Stand up for yourselves. Do not become a victim of the evil corporate food industries frightening experiments. We found out the hard way that Aspartame was bad news, like 20 years later. Do not let this happen with Splenda. Do NOT give it to children. Do NOT cook with it. Do NOT buy it.

Here are some alternatives you can use that are much, much safer for you, if you like things sweet. But please remember to use sparingly…just because they are natural, does not mean you should go crazy. But it’s better to go crazy with natural foods, than crappy, man-made chemicals.

  1. Raw, Organic, Local Wildflower Honey-this is derived from local plants and wildflowers that are local to your area. Honey provides a wide variety of healing properties such as help with allergies to certain pollens, dusts and molds in your town since it’s made in your ‘hood. Use it in baked goods, tea, to top yogurt, in smoothies, or even as a glaze on fish or chicken.

  2. Stevia-this is derived from a South American plant and is roughly 30x’s sweeter than sugar! It also has no glycemic index, meaning it does not spike your blood sugar (glucose) levels, which makes it safe for diabetics to use. It’s also calorie free. Use as you would sugar, but very sparingly since it is extremely sweet. Sweet Leaf brand is the best and can be found in packets or liquid form. Find it at local health food stores.

  3. Truvia-comes from the stevia plant as well, but it’s from the sweetest part of the plant called rebiana, which is extract from  the stevia leaf. This comes in packet form just like Splenda and all that other junk. The only real downfall to Truvia is that it’s manufactured by Agra-giant Cargill/Coca-cola. Just sayin’.

  4. 100% Pure Grade A or B Maple Syrup (not Mrs. Butterworth’s!)-comes from the sap of the sugar, black or red maple tree and as a natural sweetener, maple syrup is amazing! It actually supplies you with nutrients such as zinc, which is essential for a healthy immune system and manganese which is an important cofactor in a number of enzymes used for energy production. I use maple syrup in my tea and my breakfast quinoa or steel cut oatmeal. Adds just the right touch of sweetness.

  5. Raw Agave Nectar-comes from the agave plant native to Mexico. A little sweeter than honey, but not as thick. A little goes a long way. True, this is processed, and has more recently been compared to high fructose corn syrup, but that’s why I mention choosing raw, as it’s healthier for you due to the lower temperatures it’s heated at. Raw means that all the natural enzymes are intact. Agave can be used as you would use honey; in tea, in baking, etc.

Try experimenting with what sweet SHOULD taste like. Most Americans have maxed out their taste buds on “sweet” and “salty”, so if any of the above taste weird at first, keep using them…try different methods and use what you like, but at least give one or all of them a chance. Using natural sweeteners gives your body something to work with that it recognizes and can use. These products are more bioavailable than pseudo sugars. Think about it…we have enough exposure to toxins and pollution from the outside world. Why pollute your insides with chemicals as well? Here’s to a sweet life; the natural way.

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