Wanna be a Healthy Traveler?

Hi healthy friends!

Happy wintertime! And happy daylight savings day!

I thought I would talk to you about eating on the road since I seem to have been traveling a bit lately. I know I tend to ‘splurge’ when I am in vacation mode, but this usually means a glass of wine or maybe an espresso, so my point is, just because you are traveling, this should not be an excuse to eat whatever you want to. Here are some of my suggestions and tips on staying healthy when away from home.

1. PLAN AHEAD Seek out healthy markets and/or restaurants in the area you will be going to BEFOREHAND and plan to make a trip there FIRST thing so you can get some staples. I typically check to see where there is a Whole Foods since they are all over the US (sadly, Trader Joe’s is not). If not Whole Foods, you can just do a google search of what health food stores are around you. You may need drive a bit to find one, but sometimes you get lucky. Once you find one, you can stock up! 🙂

2. BRING ESSENTIALS I always travel with food anyway, and going to even farther destinations just means bringing more. 🙂 I suggest bringing fruit (apples, bananas, oranges-not things that will squish easily!), energy bars (I like Pure raw bars, Amazing Grass or Greens Plus bars), fruit leathers, nuts and seeds, carrot sticks, trail mixes, green powders (you can then take them with water if extremely desperate). These things will all be okay to carry on with you. I also pack (with my check in luggage) nut butter and Ezekiel tortillas, so I can make a little wrap at my convenience when I arrive, not feeling desperate for something to eat!

3. SOUP IS A BEAUTIFUL AND HEARTY THING Seek out healthier restaurants and find a healthy soup you like (veggie options are typically healthiest vs ones like clam chowder or other cream based recipes). I mention soup because I practically live at Whole Foods when I travel and this seems to be a filling and affordable choice for me. I usually also make up a little green salad to go on the side. This makes the perfect meal if you throw in some garbanzos and sunflower seeds to get your protein.

4. BRING FOOD ON THE GO If heading out and about to see the town, or you are going to be sitting in a business meeting, always have something on you, such as one of those bars or a pre-made wrap with nut butter and a banana. Do not get caught starving in uncharted waters. Sure, a lot of us have smart phones that may be able to get us out of a jam, but for those that don’t, best to be armed with ‘something’ so you can at least think properly until you find a suitable and healthy restaurant or you are able to go back to where you are staying and make some food of your own.

5. LIVE A LITTLE It’s okay to splurge and have something ‘naughty’ that you wouldn’t normally eat because you are on vacation or you are at a celebration. But, those who travel all the time for work should know better. Eating for health has to be 80/20, meaning you are doing your best 80% of the time. We are all human and we all have vices and like to indulge, so do it, but just do it consciously and of course, in moderation.

Happy and safe travels and please don’t feel weird about bringing food with you…it really can save you a LOT of time, energy and trouble. It’s all about self preservation and you have to look out for YOU. Feeding yourself good things, even when away from home, is part of that self preservation. I guarantee, this will help ease you back into coming home, as you won’t feel toxic, sluggish or run down from eating crap for days on end. Love yourselves, no matter where you are! 🙂

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