Dori has been practicing yoga for over fifteen years. She stepped onto her mat to discover a different way of working out. She was a runner for a long time, and didn’t really stretch much. She also did not truly connect to the spiritual practice of yoga until many years into it, but something always called her to her mat. She moved around a lot in her twenties, but always made it a priority to find a yoga studio where ever she landed. 

As a student, she gravitates mostly towards vinyasa because she feels it truly benefits body, mind, and spirit. She began to dive deeper into her practice seven years ago when she started taking classes with her beloved teacher, Lauren Eckstrom. She received her 200-hour YTT while she was pregnant from Lauren Eckstrom and Travis Eliot, and infuses her classes with their Holistic Yoga Flow philosophy. 

She teaches private and public classes. 

Dori tree pose.jpg

Restorative Yoga

Dori also received her restorative yoga training from Lauren Eckstrom and has fallen in love with teaching this type of yoga because of the many benefits it offers. Coming from a massage background, she has always loved helping people relax, and restorative yoga is absolutely calming and cozy. Restorative yoga activates our parasympathetic nervous system (rest + digest), and this is important since so many of us are constantly activating our sympathetic nervous system (fight + flight). Restorative yoga can help with stress reduction, digestion, improved sleep, calming the nervous system, boosting immunity, and much more. 

Dori is 200-hour Certified Yoga Teacher (CYT) and is Yoga Alliance certified. She is also trained in Trauma Informed yoga and strives to create a safe space for anyone who joins her on the mat.


She teaches private and public classes.